Project Management

Project management of yacht refits and works in the Solent area

It is often a challenging proposition to plan and execute works on a yacht. Sometimes this is due to logistical difficulties – living too far away to make regular visits perhaps – and sometimes it is simply a question of time. Have you considered handing over the project management of the refit to another? offers project management services for refits and works on yachts based in the wider Solent area, including Lymington, Southampton, Hamble, Gosport and Chichester.

Graham at is not only a highly experienced yacht skipper and instructor, he also has years of hands on experience of dealing with maintenance and repairs to both modern and classic yachts. He can help you to move forward with your refit project in all sorts of ways. For example he can:

  • advise on the practicalities of getting a project up and running
  • manage works from specification to project completion
  • help to source equipment or tradesmen
  • help to recommission and snag problems.
Project management ClassicSail refit 2018
Pegasus saloon January

The first requirement for any project is to lay out its scope and to prepare some sort of budget. Graham will help you to think through the details and to pull together the various elements. He can also be on hand to meet and direct the contractors or to oversee the works.

Generally project management engagements are either financed through regular retainer payments supported by regular updates on the works, or by staged payments as the project progresses. Contractors are paid directly by the client but float arrangements are usually put in place to cover sundry expenses.

Project management ClassicSail refit 2018
Life saving gear waiting for collection

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